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My goal is to revolutionise the way my clients view and manage their financial markets exposures


A word to conjure up definite reactions. Over 30 years ago Adrienne was literally a trailblazer in the male dominated world of interest rate markets inside the major international banks. Being a woman in that world at that time was one thing, but having your own opinion put you immediately in another league.

Central to Adrienne’s approach is the belief that financial market exposures are a source of support for a business and not something to lose sleep over. “Understanding Risk” is a concept which Adrienne regularly redefines for her clients.

She believes Risk Management is as much about return enhancement as it is about risk mitigation. For business owners this means knowing your worst outcome as well as your best outcome and setting a strategy to achieve the latter.

The Sartori Model is based on Active Risk Management . There is no “set and forget” , cookie cutter approach at Sartori & Co.

For over 20 years Adrienne has advised some of Australia’s most successful importers and exporters.

And today she proudly announces her new brand for the next era of Active Risk Management.

Adrienne is the founder and Managing Director of Sartori & Co.

From her first job in the equity market almost 40 years ago, Adrienne has worked in many financial markets including fixed income, interest rate derivatives and of course, currency markets with some of Australia and Europe’s most prestigious banks including UBS, Dresdner Kleinwort Benson, ANZ and NAB.

In the early 2000s, while considering setting up her advisory business, she decided that to give effective financial advice required an understanding of the psychology of volatile markets and undertook a course in Swing Trading.  For the next 3 years she traded her own funds in CFDs, FX and gold.  It was here that her belief that creating wealth is only sustainable through effective risk management was born  

In 2003, she set up the first currency advisory business, Interfinanz (now Sartori & Co), and for the last 20 years, she has been helping some of Australia’s most prominent entrepreneurs build sustainable and highly profitable businesses that generate long-term stable earnings, maximise operating margins and shareholder value.

To that end, her belief is that a Risk Management Strategy must have two considerations: one to protect against loss, the other to generate returns where possible.  It’s best said by Lionel Martinelli, “Truly successful Risk Management is as much about return enhancement as it is about risk mitigation”.  For business owners this means knowing your worst outcome as well as your best outcome and setting a strategy to achieve the latter.

While her true passion is working with entrepreneurs, she has also advised mutli-billion dollar corporations as well as high net worth individuals.  This broad experience contributed significantly to the development of the “Sartori Portfolio Model”, her signature risk management methodology which is tailored to high performing entrepreneurial companies.  

Our strategy is based on an Active Risk Management approach tailored to the specifics of each business and the risk profile of each business owner. It is designed specifically to deal with volatile currency markets and take advantage of all market conditions.  The products are selected for their ability to create advantageous outcomes regardless of whether the market moves up, down or sideways.

“The difference between reacting and responding, is that if you are reacting then whatever you are reacting to has control. In the case of currency markets, providing you have a clear idea of your desired outcomes, you will never let the market control your decision-making.”

-Adrienne Sartori

Adrienne's journey

And the worlds crises which forged her steel

JB Were & Son
First Job in markets
Savings & Loan Crisis
Dresdner Australia Bank
Advising in Interest Rates and FX (Multinational and Corporate Sales)
Russian Financial Crisis
ANZ Investment Bank
Corporate Interest Rate Strategy and Advice
September 11 Attacks
2000's Energy Crisis
Great Global Recession
US Housing Bubble
Russian - Ukraine War
Chinese Property Crisis
Black Monday US Crash
Interest Rate Derivatives Trainee (Trading)
Asian Financial Crisis
ANZ Investment Bank
Interest Rate Derivatives (Multinational and Corporate Sales)
Dot-Com Bubble
Interest Rate and FX Sales (Privately-Owned Businesses)
Global Financial Crisis
Great Global Recession
Subprime Mortgage Crisis
Great Global Recession
European Soverign Debt Crisis
Covid-19 Recession

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